180 Aitape West Cluster Project

180 Aitape West Cluster Project

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This room houses our newest exhibit. It is a recreation of the Aitape West Translation Center in Papua New Guinea. Here, you can watch a short video to learn more about how the Aitape West translation project began and also see part of the Jesus film in the trade language of Papua New Guinea.

In the corner there is a makeshift "sound-booth." In countries where access to equipment maybe limited blankets are often used to aid in recording.

The HearThis App on the tablet by the booth allows language communities to record and distribute their translated Scripture. Recording on the app takes only minutes to learn, and will automatically gather translated Scripture from the software, Paratext.

One way we help native speakers learn to read is by writing books in their language through the software Bloom. This program enables people from around the world to create their own books very easily. It also enables access to these books across the globe because they are online.

On the laptops you can learn more about translation, Scripture engagement, and literacy work that is done in Papua New Guinea. There is also a children’s laptop and some activities for younger children.