How To Use This Tour

How To Use This Tour

This tour allows you to explore our museum. It takes about an hour to take the tour but you can leave and come back to look at more of the tour whenever you like.

The tour works best on cell phones or tablets but will also work on full sized computers. If you take the tour on a computer, you may need to use your mouse or the down arrow on your keyboard to scroll down.

On each page there is both written content and an audio narration. The audio narration is the same as the written content. There is a sliding volume control to the right of the audio clip. On some pages, you may also choose to watch a video or click on the Learn More button.

The home symbol will take you back to the home page.

Note that on most pages there are multiple pictures at the top in a gallery that you can scroll through. If there is more than one picture you will see dots at the bottom of the picture. You can scroll through by clicking on the next dot or on the arrow on the right side of the picture.

Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page for more information.

Map: Interactive map links to various exhibits within each room

Keypad: Type the number of a site to go directly to that site

Ask Us: Get more information about the museum

Survey: Help us improve our tour